Íslenska SNOW-TRAC félagið

The Icelandic SNOW-TRAC association


7.8.2020 kl. 16:54

Hi All, do you hold many rallies or meetings in Iceland? I am coming over for a few days in November and would like to see a few others

Ian Edwards

4.4.2020 kl. 9:08

Hold the register of the Snow-Trac producer

If you want to know something about your ancient snow trac 1957-1983 contact mee as I have registrated all the books for the years 1957-1978, after they are missing. Nice site writes Kenth who had relatives in Akureyri in 1968 when my parents Went there.

Kenth Hansson

24.1.2018 kl. 9:35

hello, I have snow track ST4 here in Slovenia, I need brake cylinders, brake cables and shoe kit. Please help me get those parts. Thank you.


26.10.2016 kl. 10:57

Register ST4 in UK

Hi, I'm trying to register my ST4 with Vehicle Licensing in the UK. They require a letter from a Snow Trac Owners Club confirming the year of manufacture. The number is 1541 and year of manufacture is 1971. Can someone send me a letter on Snow Trac Club letterhead paper confirming this? If so I will send my address. Many thanks.

Jerry Arron

29.2.2016 kl. 12:54


HI, i'm in the process of restoring my st4, i'm trying to identify the approx year of construction,the idea plate at the rear has st4 marked on it but the other numbers have been sanded of by mistake, i took the plate of and there were three numbers written on the rear in red,very faint but readable, do you think this could be the build number,and is their any other chassis numbers on it, hope you can help.many thanks steven


23.10.2015 kl. 8:05

Koupim Snow Trac

Prosím o informací o prodeji Snow trac -stav nerozhoduje. Prosím kontakujte mne. Dekuji


14.1.2015 kl. 9:20

16.12.2014 kl. 0:06

snow-trac st4

I recently purchased a st4 and want to know about parts availability in the US . I live in Alaska !

charles hermanns

10.11.2014 kl. 10:02

im looking to buy snow-trac st4


29.10.2013 kl. 17:18

Looking to buy Track/Snow-master

Want a project st4b "widetrack" preferably in the United States Matt 303-368-0067

Matt Burns

7.10.2013 kl. 2:25


Hello from Russia! Can you help me to find some parts fo Snow Trac?


25.6.2013 kl. 1:15

hæ aftur
Símanúmerið mitt er 863 1686

Frosti Friðriksson

25.6.2013 kl. 1:13

Góðan daginn Íslenska Snow-trac félag.

Ég er að leita af svona snjóbí til að nota í kvikmynd sem fer í tökur núna seinnipartinn í júlí.
Það er spurning hvort það sé möguleiki á að leigja svona tæki í nokkra daga. Hann þyrfti helst að vera nærri höfuðborgarsvæðinu. Ef ekki væri mjög líklega hægt að sækja hann ef gott eintak er í boði.

Frosti Friðriksson

19.10.2012 kl. 15:40


Hi I am looking to buy a Snow-Trac ST4 in good running condition
Thanks Mario

mario palma

28.3.2012 kl. 16:40

Snow trac for sale

I have a late 60's model snow trac located in Glennallen Alaska. Machine has a brand new engine in it and runs great. Make me an offer

Pat Goodwin

15.2.2012 kl. 18:20

Looking for a Snow Trac ST4

I am looking for a Snow Trac ST4 hopefully in the USA.
I would like a solid body. I do not need a motor or transmission.
Send price & pictures & location

Jim Nichols

9.10.2011 kl. 9:08

Fin side og fine biler.

Ola Kvinnegard

15.9.2011 kl. 6:37


I am running ST4 number 1777 out in BC. We travel about 25 km into the ski terrain. Overheating is a problem; we're going into the shop this w/e to try to fit an oil sump. Anyone having success finding 600x100 tires? I hear the 4.55x16 alpineguidetire works but is tight. Phil Sigalet 250-374-1315, 144 Kamloops BC V2C 1K2

Phillip Sigalet

28.4.2011 kl. 22:05

Cape Bretoner

Just got a '69 snow~trac ST4 a few weeks ago! needs 3 bogies, inner track cleats(lefts & rights), front coil springs-all 4 missing, a shop manual or copy, and some luck (the good type !). Ph.(902)485~6240. P.O.Box 422, Pictou,Nova Scotia, Canada, B0K1H0. Thanks fellas ~Cheers Clifford.

Clifford Morais

28.4.2011 kl. 21:45


Just got a'69 snow~trac ST4 a few weeks ago! Need front coil springs(4), 3 bogies, shop manual,inner track cleats(left & right), and some luck! Cheers !!!

Clifford Morais

3.4.2011 kl. 19:10

snowtrc st4

i have a 1968 snowtrac st4 with new V W engine runs great in good condition i can EMAIL pictures

mark tyler

31.3.2011 kl. 16:35

For sale

1968 st4 #0991 wash state

Mark Tyler

5.5.2010 kl. 19:00

the blogg is apdate whit fotos from snow-trac meet in ljungdalen sweden.

christer broden


11.2.2010 kl. 17:26

Wanted: Snow Trac

email: chwheeler1@comcast.net ph.# 901-484-9827, Memphis, Tenessee

Chris Wheeler

11.2.2010 kl. 17:18

Wanted: Snow Trac

I want to buy a good Snow Trac. I'm in the US, but will import from overseas. Thanks

Chris Wheeler

11.2.2010 kl. 17:17

Wanted: Snow Trac

I want to buy a good Snow Trac. I'm in the US, but will import from overseas. Thanks

Chris Wheeler

25.12.2009 kl. 18:40

I search a snow trac

Hello everybody
I´m Reiko from Bavaria/Germany.
I search a Snow Trac ST4 in very good conditions. Who can help me
Please contact me

Reiko Band

24.12.2009 kl. 22:18

the blogg is now ap date mary crismas to al snow-trac fans

christer broden


23.11.2009 kl. 14:05

snow trac for sale

hi j johansson. contact details are, mobile. 07881442513 and email is davidharris3417@yahoo.co.uk

david harris

20.11.2009 kl. 15:18

help... looking for st4 parts

looking for carb rebuild for 126 motor - drive cogs and the larger tires. ... also any graphis decals ( snow flake )etc...

can anyone assist ... thanks much ... G.R.R.


18.11.2009 kl. 9:20

Snow trac for sale David H

Hello David Harris
how can i contact you reg the Snowtrac

J Johansson

5.11.2009 kl. 16:59

Snow-trac for sale

I have a snow trac for sale, very good condition. Anyone interested? Located in Scotland. May be able to deliver.

David Harris

21.5.2009 kl. 15:31

timrå sweden

fine fotos
i have a blogg

christer broden

17.3.2009 kl. 3:21

Remote Control Snow-Trac Model

Thank you for all the fantastic photos of your machines.
I have studied many of them to help mock up an RC model of a ST4B usign a kyosho blizzard

Roger Arnoldi


6.3.2009 kl. 20:23





7.2.2009 kl. 2:11

john raggio

15.11.2007 kl. 16:36

Kjempe tøfft !!!

Bjørn Kvinnegard

5.6.2007 kl. 1:24

vantar snjóbíl

hvernig er það á ekki einhver snow Trak sem er falur?

Gísli Rafn Jónsson


7.3.2007 kl. 22:08

Updated Wikipedia Snow Trac page

Take a look at the newly updated Wikipedia Snow Trac page. It includes a link here, and now includes many more photos and more history.



23.2.2007 kl. 20:36

Snow Trac at Wikipedia, the On-Line Encyclopedia

There is now a Snow Trac page on Wikipedia with a link to Íslenska SNOW-TRAC félagið and several other Snow Trac websites!

To see the Wikipedia page on Snow Tracs to here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_Trac




19.2.2007 kl. 22:38

Late model sprockets now available for Snow Tracs and Snow Masters. Cost is $390 US dollars each. Contact forumsforums to get details or contact me Snowcat Operations on FF web site as well. Bob C. makes them. I can give you his contact info.

Mike Couch

4.1.2007 kl. 14:47

Eg vildi bara koma á framæri að bílinn sem er á myndinni sem er merkt Björgunarfélag Ísafjarðar er bíll sem Björgunarsveitin Dagrenning á Hólmavík á, en vinir okkar á Ísafirði voru með að láni í nokkur ár.


19.10.2006 kl. 20:11

Gaman að skoða

Þetta er flott síða og yfirgripsmikil. Virkilega gaman skoða þessar kuldalegu myndir.

Jón Sigurjónsson


2.10.2006 kl. 21:10

Snow Tracs in Antarcitica

For anyone interested in Snow Trac history, I have started to post some newly found information about the Snow Tracs used in research and exploration in Antarctica. There are photos and stories. Only registered users can see the photos, but registration is free.



26.9.2006 kl. 17:49

New Snow Trac 600 x 100 6 ply tyres/tires

I have so far been unable to locate replacement 600x100 6 ply tyres for my snowtrac so have found another solution.

This is the big tyre of which there are four. The smaller one is readily available from aviation suppliers at reasonable cost.

I have contacted Trelleborg in Sweden who were one of the original manufacturers of the snowtrac tyre and they have said that if I can provide an order for 100 units then they will consider producing them.

I have no estimated price but can only say that I expect it to similar to the original price, adjusted for inflation!

I would like to use this link to find out what demand there is for replacement tyres/tires.

If you would like to show your interest by adding to this thread, stating how many tyres/tires you would like to purchase if they become available.

Please note that at this stage you are just expressing an interest, and under no obligation to buy as I do not have a price yet!

If enough interest is expressed confirm a price with Trellebourg, and then I would then look to contact those interested and take a deposit to secure the order. Deposits could be paid with Paypal to avoid tranfer fees etc.

This would be a non profit making exercise, the tyres/tires will be sold at the cost from the manufacturer plus shipping/packing. Shipping should not be to expensive if we can have a big enough order from you guys in the states.

This could be a great way to get new sprockets made too, if any one has any contacts in the foundry world?

Please register your interest at: http://www.forumsforums.com/3_9/showthread.php?t=6038 so we can generate an order and keep our Snow tracs rolling!

Alp Trac


22.9.2006 kl. 14:59

Snow Master for sale on Ebay~Germany

If anyone is interested, there is a Snow Master for sale in Germany. It is listed for sale on the German Ebay Website. The seller claims it to be in good working order, includes some spare parts, but if I translated it correctly says the brakes do not work.

Bob Skurka


25.7.2006 kl. 22:45


Sælir Maggi heiti ég sonur Þórunnar, gaman væri nú að heyra í ykkur frændsystkynunum :)

Maggi Magg

10.4.2006 kl. 11:56

Þetta er flott heimasíða hjá þér.
Kv Toni

Anton Valgardsson


15.3.2006 kl. 2:15

fín síða

en þú þarft að gefa valmöguleika á að hafa hana á ensku líka... það er greinilega mikið af útlendingum sem skoða hana hjá þér :)

Jóhann Linnet


7.3.2006 kl. 20:35


Til hamingju- og kærar þakkir.
Sendi myndir bráðlega.

Eyþór Ólafsson

21.2.2006 kl. 17:08


Til hamingju með þessa síðu.... ég á nokkrar myndir sem ég sendi von bráðar af þeim bílum sem ég hef átt. Kveðja Björn

Björn G Sigurðsson

19.2.2006 kl. 8:59

Swiss Mountains >>>>>Hi Iceland

we need a pictures website for all owners with a warrant of apprehension much under the forums side from the USA?
Go through there also all, I think Bob & Allen would probably also participate!
Greetings fromSwitzerland



19.2.2006 kl. 1:11

Howdy from Idaho

I'm buddies with Mike Crouch , Tomma and Bob Stuka , I own 3 Kristi snow cats , One day I will visit your beatiful country . Take Care!!!

Allen hutson

18.2.2006 kl. 20:36

Hello from England

Forgot to let you know where i am from in the world! I have a 1965 Snow trac in yellow which will be painted Red and White.

All the best from the Brit!!


18.2.2006 kl. 20:32

Excellent site!

You have put together a great site for the Snow trac owner to share with your self's. I need to get to Iceland and try the terrain for my self.

Most excellent.


17.2.2006 kl. 19:23


'Attu engar myndir úr ferðinni á Snæfellsjökul.....það var stuð...
kveðja Dóra......


17.2.2006 kl. 19:17

Til hamingju með síðuna......

Rosalega er þetta gott framtak hjá þér pabbi minn og afi Bössi !!! Hér kemur berlega í ljós hve fjölhæfur þú ert !!!! Gott mál....það var sko alveg þörf fyrir snjóbíla síður á íslandi.......ehhehe
Þú ert svo mikill frumkvöðull !!!
Þessi síða verður pottþétt mjög vinsæl af svona snjóbíla nördum eins og þér......
elskum þig.....Dóra...og Sara....


16.2.2006 kl. 1:06

Frábært hjá þér Björn.

Sæll og blessaður,takk fyrir síðast.Gamann að skoða þessar myndir og til hamingju með síðuna,kv.Óskar.

Óskar S. Jónsson. Dalvík.

14.2.2006 kl. 22:19

Hafsteinn Eyjólfsson

14.2.2006 kl. 17:06

Hello from Nevada USA

I have a 1976 Snow Master. Hope to one day to travel to Iceland. Would be nice to meet you all!


Michael Couch

14.2.2006 kl. 8:13


Til hamingju með þessa síðu.
Það verður spennandi að fylgjast með kv Rannva


14.2.2006 kl. 7:45

Þetta er flott hjá þér


14.2.2006 kl. 1:44


Þetta á eftir að verða gott.
Kveðja Villi

Vilhjálmur Grímsson

14.2.2006 kl. 0:34

Til hamingju Ísland

Til hamingju Ísland að hafa eignast heimasíðu fyrir SnowTrac

Björn Benediktsson

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